The Team

Rosie Dow – Founder & Choir Leader


Originally a flute player, Rosie discovered her love for choirs in her teens via a very inspirational music teacher and a great arrangement of the ‘Sister Act’ songs! Uh-huh.

Whilst not a classically trained singer, Rosie has worked extensively with community choirs in the charity sector  (including heading up the Sing with Us service of choirs for people affected by cancer and the Military Wives Choirs) with the specific aim of bringing people together through music to help them feel great.

Is Rosie a total choir geek?

Yes, and there’s evidence to prove it. As well as the musical side, Rosie has also been involved in some high profile research projects around the benefits of choral singing which proved that singing has a positive impact on immune function, inflammation and mental health.  She’d be very happy to bore you about the science of singing, over a pint of course.  Or you could look up her research projects and other publications here.

What’s Rosie’s approach to choirs?

Rosie thinks choirs should be enjoyable first and foremost, in order to succeed in their mission of being a generally great thing to do!  She also understands the importance of building choirs as teams and getting the little things right.  A well organised choir is very important so Rosie aims to always be well prepared and responsive. You’ll hopefully find her an approachable, down-to-earth but inspiring choir leader!

Anything else we should know?

Rosie is originally from South Wales and she loves dogs, puns (you’ve been warned), festivals, rugby, NFL… oh and CHOIRS.

Get in touch with Rosie via our join us form or via Rosie is currently a one-woman band so all choir queries can be directed to her. Happy days.