All the questions…

What sort of choir is Choir 17?

Our vision is simple: we want all our members have a fantastic time being a part of Choir 17.   We aim to be known for our energy, soul and authenticity, as well as our sound.

We want to represent all aspects of the Walthamstow community so whether you’re a Village Dad or a Blackhorse Road Bird, this choir is for you.

But mostly we want to enjoy the very best that being in a choir has to offer.

What sort of songs do Choir 17 learn?

Anything with a bit of heart and soul that our members and audience can connect to, but mostly popular music from the 1970s to 2000s arranged especially for Choir 17.  We aim to pick classic songs, but perhaps not the most obvious choices for community choirs.  It’s always good to keep people guessing after all!  So it could be anything from Oasis to Billy Joel, Bob Marley to George Ezra. Come along to find out!

The music is designed to be a level above absolute beginner, but is well within the right range and challenge level for an amateur choir.  If you can (and love to) sing along with a good pop song in your car and are keen to learn then you’ll be fine!

Where does Choir 17 meet?

We meet at a centrally located venue in Walthamstow (near Walthamstow Central station) on a Wednesday evening from 7-8.30pm. When you contact us to join you’ll be given the address and all the info you need to make sure you get a warm welcome.

Who is the Choir Leader for Choir 17?

Rosie Dow is the founder and Choir Leader. Find out more about Rosie here.

Why is singing such a great thing?

It’s fantastic that in the last 5-10 years the world seems to be waking up to the wider and deeper impact that singing in a choir can have on a person. Tons of research projects have pointed to many benefits of singing in a choir, including:

  • reductions in anxiety and depression
  • improvement in immune function
  • reduced stress and inflammation levels after just an hour of singing!  Real science.

Anyone who sings in a choir will tell you that at a basic level it’s just a fantastic way to make friends, learn something new and feel a sense of achievement.  It’s not about being Aretha Franklin (though she is very welcome to join us!) it’s about being you, finding your own voice but working with others to do something truly magic.

What are Choir 17 rehearsal sessions like?

Hopefully a great mix of fun and fulfilling.  In each session you should feel you are learning and improving as well as enjoying yourself.

We teach everything by ear, so there will be lots of listening and trying things out until they sound fantastic.  The pace will be energetic, but will take in the needs of everyone so that nobody is left behind.

Rehearsal 3

I’m scared!

Of course you are! You’re contemplating starting a brand new thing.  But don’t worry. This is a safe space. It usually takes people 6-12 weeks to feel really at home in a new choir, so if you feel a little apprehensive at first that’s totally normal.  Just think, if something isn’t at least a little scary is it really worth doing?

Do I need to be able to read music to join?

No.  Everything is taught by ear.  If you have a love for singing and have music in your soul, this is the choir for you.

We aim to learn everything by heart eventually, but to help learn we use lyric sheets combined with a ‘call and response’ method.  This simply means Rosie the Choir Leader will sing your line, and you sing it back.  She’ll repeat this as many times as your section needs to get it.  That’s all it is!

But I like reading music…

If you’re used to reading music in choirs, don’t let that put you off.  This is your chance to really improve your listening skills!  We have a six-week challenge, so we ask you to give our ‘call and response’ method a go and almost guarantee that after six weeks, you won’t want to go back to using the score. We just find it’s much more engaging even if it feels challenging at first.  However, if after that you still want the score, you can have one to take home – you just won’t be able to use it in rehearsals.

Are there any set dance moves then?

No, we’d rather focus on sounding and feeling fab! But if you are the type to want to shake it a little as you sing then go for it!

Is there an audition to join?

No. However Rosie will chat to you before/during your taster sessions to check in on how you’re getting on.

How much does it cost?

Your first 3 sessions are free. Yay!  After that, it’s either £9 per session to ‘pay-as-you-go’ at choir sessions (by card or contactless payment) or £8 per session if you’re able to do a monthly or termly bank transfer. Sorry, but we can’t accept cash at rehearsals.

What’s the commitment?

Weekly rehearsals during term time, as often as you can make it.  We’ll make learning tracks in case you miss a session and 100% attendance is not expected – we all have busy lives!  All we do ask is that you aim to be there as much as possible so that we can keep the momentum up with our learning.

How often does Choir 17 perform?

We aim to do 4-6 gigs a year, depending on what’s happening, in the local area including Central London if something snazzy comes along!  We aim to be ready to take bookings by Spring 2018.

How do I join Choir 17?

Check our our Join us page. Simple.

I’ve got a question not answered here.

No problem, just drop Rosie an e-mail via the contact form.